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My screenplays

Holes In The Heart©

This is a about love, bereavement and letting go. George can’t forget his girlfriend, and then one day she appears at the end of his bed. Is she a spirit or is the medicines making him hallucinate? Inspired by an interview I saw with Sir Ian McKellan, he discussed monologues when he filmed Richard 3rd in the 1970’s. (And my divorce in Australia!)


A Kiss Means More©

This is a modern love story, its dark, amusing and romantic. It features a couple who are very opposite and they are going in different directions. However they have a strange connection, Sammy is a crazy sexy girl and James just loves the attention Sammy brings him. The story was inspired by true events that happened in the year 2000. Written in the taxi on the way home on a small piece paper, the story was recorded! A Kiss means more has gained lots of interest from directors\producers. However, has yet to be made.


Kissing In The Wind©

Sometimes you need something special, but your big brother is in the way. However his girlfriend shares an hour of her time. You are now the big brother, admired and you are in control. Don't screw this moment up!

This was made into a short film by the high school students from State University of Nayarit Mexico as a drama assignment. DIrected by English literature teacher Rafael Diaz Duenas. I don't have access to the film yet, but there more pictures in the gallery(top of page).


Smoking The Pipe©

Mr.Smith is near retirement and runs an old shop with his dog. He grumbles his way through the day and by night dances the in ball room with his beautful mistress. Economic pressure means he might to close his shop and meanwhile things are getting differcult at home.


Loving The Leo (2016) ©

Currently working on this., coming soon.


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